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John Migueis
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Filtering is one of several maladaptive thought patterns that we can find ourselves in the throes of while experiencing high levels of emotion and moodiness. We become especially prone to this distortion during episodes of depression, anxiety, or other mood disorders. It is often the stepping stone to other distortions (polarized thinking as an example).
From my perspective, filtering is primarily attentional. It involves being attentive to one detail, giving that data point a disproportional amount of weight or meaning, and excluding everything else connected to that event. We often do it unknowingly with little to no consequence.

How was…

Prayer has been a topic of much debate across a variety of health care professions. Some studies demonstrate its efficacy and others, reveal nothing at all ( From my perspective, much of this has to do with a set of assumptions that move away from measuring where prayer can be most effective and understanding that prayer is both a highly individual and qualitative experience. The questions we want to answer connect not so much to whether prayer can accelerate healing or whether the benefits of prayer can be generalized to a larger population. The questions are more individual (“does this…

I’m going to assume you’ve already talked to your loved one about therapy multiple times for a very long period of time. I’m also going to assume they’ve even agreed and then backed out the last minute — and you had to be the one to make the awkward call to cancel the appointment. Lastly, I am going to assume that your loved one is not an immediate risk to themselves because if they are, you should probably stop reading this article and get medical care to come to your home (mobile response, emergency services) if they are unwilling to…

Emotion Regulation

The ability to act with Self Respect when appropriate and effective is a key skill when it comes to emotion regulation. Reducing Interpersonal Chaos reduces the probability of emotional distress.

get help. find hope.

As more and more videos and news articles of black people being beaten or killed by the police are coming into the open almost daily, American healthcare and education are forced to grapple with some uncomfortable truths. It was only last year when Michellene Davis, an NJ hospital executive, wrote a question in response to the introduction of police in schools that turned her life upside down for a brief moment:

“Who is going to train them not to shoot black children first?!?”

What followed was a firestorm that led to her issuing a public apology for her statement. As…

John Migueis

john migueis, lcsw myHope therapy services

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